We rely on those closest to help us through the difficult times and often their support is enough. Sometimes the issues we face are overwhelming and start to impact ourselves and those around us.

    Revive Therapy is here to help.

    Revive Therapy Can Support You In:

    • Major life changes
    • Specific identified goals (self growth, improving relationships)
    • Learning coping mechanisms
    • Better communication
    • Managing mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression
    • Reducing emotional suffering
    • Dealing with distress and loss
    • Questions around sexual identity

    Reach Out If You Experience:

    • Increasing irritability and anger
    • Significant and repeated disturbed sleep
    • Decreased work/academic performance
    • Excessive anxiety
    • Lingering sadness and tearfulness
    • Difficulty listening and problem solving
    • Avoidance of social situations and withdrawal
    • Constant fatigue and feeling overwhelmed

    What to Expect from Revive Therapy

    To be heard and respected, to be supported and to be given effective tools to help you through your experience.

    It is important to connect early before your experiences become overpowering.

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